Understanding cultural diversity through education

A great way to experience diversity and other cultures is through making friends. It sounds simple but quite often that isn't the case. Simply walking up to someone and starting a conversation is difficult for most people. Luckily there are ways of putting ourselves into an environment where we can make friends that is just slightly outside our comfort zone.

One such environment is school. We typically think of school as a place to learn and explore, but it is also great place to foster friendships. Classmates are taking the same classes and are probably facing many of the same challenges as each other. These common experiences make it easy to create relationships that would be difficult to create in another setting.

Another benefit of school is that students will typically be exposed to a wide range of ethnicities in their classes. This exposure is the most powerful way to begin to understand another culture. Sharing experiences with people from different ethnicities provides a glimpse at the many different threads that make up the fabric of our society.

Of course most college and universities also offer classes on cultural arts and heritage. These classes can open the minds of students that otherwise would have little or no interest in cultural arts.