Hammer Museum - UCLA

The Hammer Museum at UCLA really stands out from the art museums at other colleges in California. The museum is home to a variety of collections, exhibits and programs with a particular focus on modern art - read more

Understanding Cultural Diversity Through Education

Learning about other cultures can be challenging since it's difficult to immerse yourself in another culture. A school environment can provide you with some simple ways to understand other cultures if you know where to look - read more

University of North Carolina Senior Exhibit

Want a great way to support students, school and art all at the same time? We can't think of a better way than attending the seasonal Senior Exhibition at the University of North Carolina - read more

Why The World Needs Art

There seems to be growing social pressure to buckle down and only focus on the necessities. Less exploring space and more improving roads. Less researching genetics and more funding medicine. Less art and more math. Less art? - read more

Yale Is A Wonderful Place For Art

Over a decade of renovations definitely makes the Yale University Art Gallery stand out among the art galleries at other colleges and universities. But, don't take our word for it - read more